Coaches Corner

Check this page for ideas for Coaches! 


  • Name That Tune (school-wide using intercom)
  • Field Day
  • Movie & Popcorn Day
  • Class pictures of students without referrals for the quarter
  • Board games brought from home
  • Stations with activities in the gym
  • Extra gym or recess time
  • Picnic Lunch (allow students to eat outside)
  • Student/faculty basketball or volleyball game
  • Hat Day
  • Team Day to support a favorite team
  • Pajama Day
  • Sock Hop
  • Backwards Day

Teaching Expectations

  • Cool Tools/Behavioral Lesson Plans
  • Review of data (SWIS and Surveys)
  • Daily school-wide announcements and Random Reminders
  • Bingo boards in classrooms with weekly drawing of a winner from each class
  • Video or DVD for re-teaching and teaching new students
  • Tri-fold for desks (Each side explains school-wide expectation)
  • “Who Got Caught” announcements as reminders for staff & students
  • School-wide bingo
  • School-wide act out scenarios teaching expectations
  • Wanted Posters
  • Collaborative Writing
  • Use literature
  • Bulletin boards
  • Montage of students showing expected behaviors
  • Student made brochures to send home

Student Incentives
Academic Activities such as: 

  • Help a classmate
  • Help a teacher present a lesson
  • Play academic computer games
  • Read a story to a younger student
  • Select a friend as a “study buddy” on an in-class work assignment
  • Select a friend to sit with

Helping Activities such as:

  • Help in another class
  • Adopt a younger student as a mentor
  • Deliver school-wide announcements
  • Help in the library or office
  • Help the art, music or P.E. teacher

Recreation Activities such as:

  • Earn extra gym time with another class
  • Listen to music for a short time
  • Play a game with a friend
  • Drawing time

Prizes/Privileges/Rewards such as:

  • Allow student to call a parent
  • Choose a special seat during story time
  • Choose a special seat during independent seat work
  • Redeem acknowledgements at a school store
  • Be allowed to have first choice in selecting something
  • Line leader
  • Lunch in the classroom on a cold day
  • IOU redeemable for credit on one wrong item on an assignment
  • Pass to “Get out of one homework assignment”
  • Season passes to a sporting event in the school
  • A picture with a favorite teacher
  • Drum lesson with the band teacher
  • Jump line pass for the cafeteria
  • Pick a friend to make a pizza
  • Bag raffles to redeem individual acknowledgements
  • Special lunches (staff, police, fire fighters, custodian, etc.)
  • Lunch at a special table in the cafeteria
  • Dessert with the principal
  • Principal for the day
  • Answer the school phone for an hour
  • Sit in a chair at an assembly, rather than the floor

Staff Incentives

  • Coupons for release time, extended lunch, late arrival
  • Teacher's name placed on school sign
  • Random raffles at a staff meeting
  • “Café Cart” to deliver coffee, juices or treats to teachers in their classrooms
  • Fortune cookies “We wish you good fortune this holiday season”
  • Carnations for lunch supervisors on Valentine's Day
  • A coffee bar in the staff lounge
  • Everyone brings a candy bar for the school custodian
  • Recognize teacher assistants with hand lotion for “lending a helping hand”
  • Attach a small not to a piece of candy to say thanks to the staff

Fundraising Ideas

  • Change Wars/ Penny Wars
  • Candy Canes with a message attached
  • Smencils
  • Carnation sale (Valentine's Day/Mother's Day)
  • Pizza Kits from Little Caesars
  • Drive through Dinners
  • School Sportswear Sale
  • Pizza Day in lunchroom
  • Doughnut Day
  • Non-uniform Day (charging a small fee)
  • Raffle (bike or donated item)
  • Dances

Family Engagement

  • Letter & matrix sent home to families explaining school-wide systems
  • Parent Handbook
  • Parent member on Universal Team
  • Parent volunteers to help with activities
  • Parents invited to participate in an activity
  • Presentation at P.T.A. meeting and/or Open House
  • Newsletter Updates
  • Brochure sent home in report cards (staff or student made)
  • Donations for school store or acknowledgement program
  • Monthly Parent Meetings
  • Allow a student to call a parent for something positive
  • Print a blank coupon in the school newsletter for parents to complete and send back to school
  • Send home a blank bingo card for families to use at home to acknowledge and reinforce expectations
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