Choice of Schools

A McKinney Vento child or youth is entitled to attend any of the following:

  1. the school in which he or she was enrolled when permanently housed;
  2. the school in which he or she was last enrolled; or
  3. any public school that non-McKinney Vento students who live in the attendance area in which the McKinney Vento child or youth is actually living are eligible to attend. The first two choices are referred to as the "school of origin." Children and youth who have experienced hardship are permitted to attend their school of origin for as long as they remain McKinney Vento, or if the child becomes permanently housed, for the remainder of the academic year in which housing is acquired. Where a McKinney Vento child or youth may be staying day-to-day in different attendance areas, each such area shall be considered an available choice for school enrollment. If a McKinney Vento child or youth presents for enrollment and the school to which they present is neither a school of origin nor a school in which other children or youth in the same living area as the McKinney Vento child are entitled to attend, it is appropriate to attempt to explain this to the parent, guardian, or youth. However, no school district should deny enrollment of a child for that reason without also taking reasonable steps to help ensure that the child or family is promptly enrollled in an appropriate school district (and advising the parent, guardian, or youth of the dispute resolution process and referring them to low-cost or free legal assistance).
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