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Family involvement in a child's education increases your child's likelihood of success. Your help with our behavior system is very important. We ask that you support our staff in the following ways: 

  • Please remind your child of the school's behavior expectations each day before he/she leaves for school:
  • Ask your child to give examples of how he/she demonstrated expectations while at school.
  • Reward your child for following expectations while at school.
  • If your child has had some difficulty behaving, use the school's behavior matrix (chart) as a tool to review and reinforce specific expected behaviors. If this is done before each school day, you will be helping to remind and prevent behavior issues.
  • Help your child BE HERE and BE READY, by helping him/her wake up for school and arrive on time. Help your child start the day off right …be on time.
  • The behavior system at your child's school is consistent and fair; so if your child has earned a consequence please support the decision. Do all you can to help your child accept the consequence. Your child will be told the reason for the consequence and he/she should be able to tell you exactly what occurred. If you have a question regarding the situation, please call the classroom teacher. We suggest you have a discussion with your child how to improve his/her behavior in the future. Be preventative by focusing on the future.
  • After school, ask your child if he/she earned an acknowledgement. Some schools call them gotchas, paws, credits, etc. Find out what behaviors were exhibited in order to earn these slips. Please offer your child extra praise and reinforcement for these behaviors.
  • At home you might try to use the same behavior language as the school.
  • You might add a column to the behavior matrix (chart) showing expected at-home behaviors.
  • Display the school's expectations in a place where you and your child will be frequently reminded.
  • Complete the activities sent home for PBIS to earn gotchas.
  • Support the concept that the child's “job” is school.

Thank you...your support sends an important message to your child that we are working together as a team to help him/her be successful in all parts of his/her life. We appreciate your daily support.

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