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2015-16 Archive
To promote district transparency and assist others who may have similar requests for information, Public Comment responses are posted in these archives. Click on the Question / Comment for additional information.

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Public Comment Response - August
ID Name Question / Comment
Aug-01 Dan Taylor
What source documents were used to create the facilities master plan? There were two presentations (Oct. 2014 and July 2015) that can be found on the 201-U website, but interested in seeing the source information used to create the presentation. Are the documents from Healy-Bender available to the public?
Several documents from the prior architectural firm, Healy Bender combined with input from the Finance Committee, Administration and other stakeholders were used to develop the Facility Master Plan. Specific documents of the school district may be available for public inspection via the FOIA process.
Aug-02 Carol Millsap
Clarification on life safety bond; asking for follow-up from Board member Turay’s request for this information; is the demolition of the Sixth Grade Center included in the Facilities Master Plan?
Additional information is needed regarding your request on life safety bonds. What would you like clarified? The demolition of the Sixth Grade Center is included in the Board approved facility master plan.
Aug-03 Tammy Burnham
Public community forum requested for construction projects; here tonight requesting that something is arranged for community to obtain more information. Also noted that Board member Anderson has had poor attendance and believes that taxpayers in Sub-district 7 deserve better
The Community Forum has been established and published for 13 October 2015 at Monee Elementary School at 6:30 p.m.
Aug-04 Sandy Walters
Teachers leaving the district and MEC; with a mass exodus, what does this mean for our students with positions still vacant with school starting tomorrow? Asked for the enrollment numbers for MEC, how much it costs to staff and run this building
The district has not experienced a mass exodus. The numbers for retirements and resignations are very similar to the previous two years. There were four open teaching positions on the first day of school in the district that were filled by long term substitutes.

MEC Enrollment 2014-2015 School Year - 91 students

Cost of staffing and operation 2014-2015 School Year - $763, 402.22 (salaries). The average cost per student served is $8,389.04. The average cost for students served in out of district facilities is $52,000.00 per student per year (Cenpatico 1/8/2015). It may look expensive but it is very cost efficient compared to the cost of out of district facilities. Additional information is needed regarding your request on life safety bonds. What would you like clarified? The demolition of the Sixth Grade Center is included in the Board approved facility master plan.
Aug-05 Mary Ellen Brouwer
Have school officials met with officials of Crete - Mayor Einhorn and Richard Most? If so, they should have meeting with residents, and 2) Are the other villages and townships in our district current on the money they owe the school district?
The school district met with Mr. Einhorn on July 15, 2015 to specifically discuss the Facility Master Plan (FMP). We met with Monee on August 24, 2015, and August 25, 2015 with Park Forest. We are scheduled to meet with on September 3, 2015 with University Park.
Aug-06 Jack Dabis
What is T.I.F.? Why didn’t University Park pay theirs?
A Tax increment financing zone (TIF) is a public financing method used as a subsidy for redevelopment, infrastructure and other community improvements. TIF districts usually provide tax incentives for businesses. They can also benefit the community in that villages often use TIF funds for infrastructure needs (roads, utilities, etc.) I am not sure of your reference to the village of University Park not paying TIF’s, but I can tell you that the village of University Park is NOT delinquent on any payments to our school district.
Aug-07 Pat Dabis
Where is the honesty? Why sneakiness? Where is your responsibility to the people you serve? Why isn’t one debt paid before another one is taken?
Your Board of Education and Administration believe in transparency. As such, we will continue to provide regular updates on financing options for the Facilities Master Plan. It is quite common for school districts to issue debt when there is still past date outstanding. Many Illinois School Districts issue debt annually. In the 2013-14 school year, IL districts issued more than 25% more debt that the prior year ($357 million compared to the $285 million issued during 2012-2013).
Aug-08 Nathan Wright
Want to encourage the Board to add etiquette (social/emotional) training to the schools on a trial test consideration; this is what is missing in our society
The district received your request. Ms. Hirsch will take the information to our elementary principals’ meeting on September 2nd to see if there is any interest in offering etiquette training as an after school class. In the past, we have offered after school classes to students at a nominal fee. Those classes were offered by outside organizations who provided teachers for the classes, but used the school facility.

The district will contact you once we meet with those principals. Thank you for your interest in serving our students.
Aug-09 Nella Maria Nemeth
1) Is this a faith based endeavor to proceed (under wraps) with plans that will require an increase in property taxes; or have studies been conducted that reveal brick-and-mortar decisions raise test scores? 2) Are we educating out to 5 years now and what are the statistics? 3) Is this a just move, why deny the taxpayers knowledge – Is this fair democratic process?
Research has shown that school facilities do impact educational outcomes. Taxpayers within the district will continue to have opportunities to express their views at committee meetings, board meetings community forums and public hearings as required by law.
Aug-10 Vivian Covington
School being built? Why should University Park not have the complete TIF information? Here tonight to state that everyone is in attendance this evening seems to want the same thing - more information
Superintendent Cunningham, Dr. Williams and the district’s bond consultant continue to meet with village leaders and other stakeholders who have expressed an interest in learning more about the Facilities Master Plan. Additionally, community forums will be held in the near future.

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