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PBIS Cool Tools

Monee Elementary Cool Tool #7

“Test Your Best.”

UNIVERSAL EXPECTATION:  Be Respectful, Be Responsible

NAME OF SKILL:  “Test Your Best.”

SETTING:  Being Respectful and Responsible while at school taking a test



  1. To be prepared and ready before testing begins.  Also, to practice self-control during testing.
  2. To offer strategies on appropriate testing behavior.



  1. You are very tired one morning and it takes you a little longer to get yourself ready in the morning and get to school.  You slowly walk down the hallway and wish you could just be home sleeping.  Then you remember you have a test today and you decide to “pull it together” and have a positive attitude.  Doing well on the test is more important. 


  1.  While you are testing you are feeling a little thirsty.  Even though you have not completed your test, you want to get out of your seat.  Before you move to get up, remember (THINK) that the teacher said nobody gets up out of their seats during testing.


  1. You have completed your test before the other students.  You begin to tap your pencil and talk to your neighbor.  You then remember (THINK) that you are supposed to Zip Your Lip during testing.  You know that talking will disrupt the others around you who are also working hard.




  1. Discuss the importance of being respectful during testing.
  2. Role-play situations in the classroom with the students on how to be prepared and act appropriately during testing.



  1.  Provide verbal and intrinsic (Mustang Money) reinforcement when students make good choices.
  2. Pre-correct being respectful and how to be here and ready for testing whenever possible.
  3. Compliment students appropriately while taking tests and after taking tests.



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