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Warrior Bands
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The CMHS Band Program

The CMHS band program has long standing tradition of excellence in performance and supports the value of lifelong learning.  Under the direction of Mr. Christopher Tedeschi, the band program is a tiered structured program offering intermediate to advanced level performance groups.  Students coming into CMHS with prior instrumental band instruction are placed in Symphonic Band, which offers a curriculum that is designed to allow young musicians to refine and excel in their musical skills to becoming an advanced musician.  Once a student achieves an advanced level they can participate in Wind Ensemble which is an advanced instrumental performance class.  Besides having a more advanced curriculum, students will have more opportunities for performance and receive honors credit for this class.  The CMHS Band Program also participates in IHSA and IMEA events.

Philosophy:  It is the expectation that all students will apply themselves whole heartily to the learning of musical performance, history, and theory.  A high level of performance is expected of all students; therefore, a daily musical study routine is required of each student.  Each student is expected to attend and actively participate in the daily classes and all required rehearsals and performances scheduled outside of the school day.  An avenue of communication between the director, the students, and their guardian(s), is expected to be honest and of high quality.  It is also an expectation that all members of the band will be helpful and inspiring to each other so that no one member is left behind.  If everyone applies themselves whole heartily then the goals of the band class will be achieved.  The success of the band is reliant upon each member; the teachers, students, and parents; contributing in a positive and constructive manner.


Warrior Bands Performance Calendar

Symphonic Band:  Symphonic Band is a full year course that is worth 1 credit of scholastic achievement towards High School graduation. This class is designed to foster the musical talents of young musicians and allow them the opportunity to grow to an advanced level of performance.  There are two (2) tracks of study that every band student will participate in.  One track is the study of technical and musical proficiency on the student’s respective instrument.  The second track of study is the historical view of music through the performance of the many styles of music.  There are also three (3) units of performance that make up the band curriculum.  They are Marching Band, Concert Band, and Pep Band.

Wind Ensemble:  Wind Ensemble is a full year course that is worth 1 honors credit of scholastic achievement towards High School graduation.  This course is designed for the advanced high school musician.  All students must pass a required audition and be approved by the instructor.  Class work will include preparation of advanced band literature for performances, as well as music fundamentals, music appreciation and music theory as it pertains to band literature.  Students will have the opportunity to perform a solo and/or small ensemble pieces at the IHSA State Solo/Ensemble contest.  They will also have the opportunity to audition for IMEA District and All-State festivals.  The Wind Ensemble is also the Pit Orchestra for the school musical.  All students will also participate in Marching Band and Pep Band activities.

The Marching Warrior Band:  The CMHS Marching Band is comprised of all students from Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble.  The band performs at all home varsity football games, pep assemblies, and other school functions.  They also perform in parades, at community events, and marching band competitions.  This band prides itself on incorporating show and corps style marching elements, as well as performing all styles of music from classical to the most recent popular music.  The marching band also incorporates the talents of the CMHS Color Guard in all of their performances.

The Pep Band:  The CMHS Pep Band performs at home varsity basketball games for the girls and boys teams.  They add school spirit and excitement to the athletic event.  They also perform at various school and community events.  This is an upbeat musical ensemble that plays the classic pop music to the most recent pop music.

The Jazz Ensemble:  Instrumental students who want to learn about and perform the great American music, Jazz, will have the opportunity to play in the CMHS Jazz Ensemble.  This group meets after school as an extra-curricular ensemble.  They perform on all band concerts with the concert ensembles and at “Club Crete”, which is the jazz concert that takes place in April, Celebrate Jazz Month.  They will also participate in jazz festivals and community events as scheduled.

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