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Stay Cool in School:
District enacts Water Hydration Program in elementary school buildings


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Maurice Brown

Maurice BrownI want to recognize all of our academic and athletic success stories this school year including our state, regional, sectional, and conference champions. I am so proud of the intense work that our students have put forth. It has nearly been a year since I was elected by the community to the District 201-U Board of Education. I must say, I look onward for opportunities to address issues and provide support that will lead to viable solutions. This school year, I have spent time at many of the district’s schools and this has allowed me to witness many memorable moments. Conceivable with much humbleness, was being a special person of the day at the Early Learning Center. Those young students were so honest to learn and to express themselves to their special guest. I believe we can learn from them on how to stay focused on the task at hand, work as a team and love what we do. For these reasons, I ask students of every grade level to please stay encouraged and motivated.

I am hoping that this message reaches our high school seniors; the school year is just about over! You still need to maintain or enhance your grades while enjoying the last month of high school with your classmates and teachers. As you have envisioned what you can expect as you progress ahead, I want you to imagine the waves of choices you will be faced with in a different lens. For a moment, envision shouldering a responsibility much greater than your own future. For this moment internalize your responsibility as a next generation American. Try to picture the pebble that creates the first wave. Throwing a pebble deep into the center of a crystal clear pond will ripple waves one after another, deep from the center, slowly to the outside edge. Your choice to both prepare for your final examinations and apply what you have learned in school to your everyday lives is much like the pebble hitting the pond. In the outer edge, lays the legacy for your future and your ability to prepare for enormous challenges. Just as the ripples in the pond get bigger and bigger, so will your responsibilities.

As a final point, to my colleagues, I implore you, to join with me in rolling up our sleeves, gritting our teeth, and remain with the business of managing our district. Our students need us.

Go Warriors, Please Welcome that Special Person!

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