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Mission & Core Values
The Early Learning Center will create a foundation for a positive educational experience for young children that is purposeful, engaging, nurturing, and safe through communication and collaboration with families and community. 

Core Values 
  • We believe that for optimal learning to occur, the following conditions must be present: 
    • An engaging and purposeful curriculum that is student-driven and culturally sensitive while challenging children to reach their full potential 
    • A nurturing environment that is safe and respectful yet structured 
  • We believe that students will: 
    • Become problem-solvers by increasing knowledge of basic skills 
    • Develop positive social interactions through exposure to new experiences 
    • Develop good manners, listening skills, respect, confidence, and self-motivation 
    • Develop the ability to apply concepts in everyday experiences 
    • Develop an understanding for responsibility
    • Develop independence in all settings 
    • Increase their social/emotional, motor, and academic skills 
  • We believe that for our program to be as successful as possible, staff will: 
    • Maintain positive attitudes and a sense of camaraderie
    • Set high individual and team expectations through self-initiative, mentoring, and equal work effort
    • Treat each other with respect and professionalism
    • Use open communication and team collaboration 

Vision Statement 
The Crete-Monee Early Learning Center will be a positive and safe learning environment where: 
  • Children of all ability levels learn and interact with each other in an inclusive setting
  • Expectations are set so that each child is given the opportunity to meet his / her highest potential
  • Staff and parents work together in an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual respect
  • The child is prepared for kindergarten and beyond in the areas of academic, developmental, and social skills 
  • The needs of each child are met 

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