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Minutes 10/04/2010

Crete Monee Early Learning Center

PTO Meeting Minutes

Monday, October 4, 2010


Members Present: Jessica Johnson, Sara Meadows, Shelly Porpora, Robert Watts,  Jeannie Groen, Paul Kovacevich, Jen Gasparro, Tammi Winter.


I.              Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Jessica Johnson at 6:34 p.m.

II.           Approval of Minutes

The minutes from August were approved.

III.             Director’s Report

Mr. Paul Kovacevich-

Mr. K. thanked the PTO for the new front sign for the ELC.  He sent a thank you note to the PTO as well as the school board.


Mr. K. announced that Mrs. Lagunas was rehired and that her class has started.  There will be another Dial screening taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Both her AM and PM classes are expected to fill up quickly. 


Transportation- As expected the drop off process is quicker than the pickup due to putting seat belts on or putting children in car seats.  We want to avoid two lanes of cars to keep students safe.  Traffic needs to stay to the right.  Lines have also been painted to help the traffic flow. Paul will notify the police station to make them more aware of the traffic.  If there is a police presence, parents will hopefully be more careful when picking up their children.  The ELC needs walkie talkies to call students as their parent arrives.  Students are called out in the order their parent arrives for pick-up.  All of them wait inside until their car arrives.  The cones are also helping maintain order.  Cell phones are prohibited in school zones.


The teachers have decided to organize their own room parents.  The fall parties will be October 28th and 29th at 9:30 and 1:00.


Mr. K. is encouraging families to use the district website.


IV.               Board Member Reports

 President-Jessica Johnson

We still have the position of Secretary open on the PTO executive board.  Sara Meadows will take the position by the next meeting if it has not been filled.


Vice President- Jeannie Groen- Jeannie has updated the PTO website.  She will post minutes, flyers, newsletters, etc. on the website.


Bi-Laws- We received a copy of the proposed changes to the bi-laws.  We proposed the elimination of the Vice President of Finance position.  Many additional changes were made as well.  We will vote at the next PTO meeting and will need 2/3 of the votes to pass this.


Secretary- STILL OPEN


Treasurer- Shelly Porpora- Shelly had a copy of the 2010/2011 Budget.  She reported that the checking account balance is $3,944.65 and we currently have 29 members.


Faculty Representative- Tammi Winter-  No Report



V.         Chairperson Report


Chuck E Cheese- 10/28 from 3-9

McDonalds- 11/17 from 5-8

Affy Tapples- 10/4-10/15; delivery on 10/26


Spirit Wear – Due 10/8


Sunny Delight- If each class collects 20 labels, they will receive 20 free books.  A flyer will come home explaining this.


Box tops will continue to be collected by the PTO. Sara Savicz will collect for the am students and Dawn Benthine will collect for the pm. PTO discussed an incentive for a box tops competition.


Jen Gasbarro volunteered to be the Book Fair Chairperson.  They will run from 11/8-11/11 and 2/7-2/11. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!!!


We still need a Field Day chairperson.


Recycling chairperson-Jeanine Groen. We recently received a check for $15.43. If we don’t start collecting more paper the recycle bin will be taken away. We discussed the possibility of having a paper drive to encourage parents to recycle more paper. A flyer will go home about this. We also discussed posting in local businesses and elementary schools.


VI.        Thank you and Correspondences-


VII.       Old Business- Trees around the district is a fundraiser where the PTO and school decorate 3 trees and raffle them of at the district craft show.  Tammi will check with the teachers because they are going to decide the themes this year.  We will decorate them on 11/9/10.


VIII.          New Business-


10/26- Picture Day- need volunteers.


Walk-a-thon- We discussed a walk-a-thon to raise money and promote exercise to battle childhood obesity and promote a healthy lifestyle.  The date is set for Friday, November 5, 2010 at Heritige Park.  The students will walk one lap around Heritige Park and stop at the four stations for 10 minutes each for an activity:

  1. Follow Leo
  1. Dice activity
  1. Ball Station
  1. Races

There will also be a balloon release for all of the students.  They will have snack back at school.


Babysitting at PTO meetings-  We hope to increase parent involvement by offering babysitting during our meetings.  It will be held in the multi-purpose room and will begin on 10/4th.  Structured activities, like a craft, will be offered.  We will pay $25 a night and have some babysitters in mind.


Curriculum Night- The Am and PM class will be together and Mr. K. will speak at the end on the evening.


IX.             Upcoming Dates

10/1- No School

10/8- Institute Day

10/11-Columbus Day- No School

10/26- Picture Day

10/27- Family Night

10/28- PM attends, Fall party

10/29- AM attends, Fall party


X.            Adjournment- Jessica adjourned the meeting at 7:35pm.


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