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Crete-Monee School District 201-U Active Grants Report

The Crete-Monee School District 201-U pursues Federal and State Entitlement and Competitive Grant Funds to support and address the educational needs of 201-U students. Educational needs of students of concern are identified at the National and State level and addressed through Federal and State grant legislation authorized by the United States and Illinois governments. District 201-U receives entitlement grants based on educational needs and funding level determined by student enrollment and completion of a grant application. Competitive grants are awarded to 201-U based on the identification of specific student needs and the approval of a well developed application. Successful competitive grants are awarded to organizations surviving the competitive process.

The following grants are active grants supporting District 201-U initiatives during the school year:

  1. Entitlement Grants

    Entitlement Grants Total Budget
    FY 2014 No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Title I Basic
    Authorized by the Federal Government, NCLB Title I addresses academic needs of high poverty school districts and students attending eligible high poverty schools with major emphasis on math and reading. District 201U’s Title I Basic Grant supports school wide programs at Balmoral, Crete, and Talala Elementary Schools, and a Targeted Assistance Program at the Monee Education Center, plus Staff Development needs and the needs of Homeless children district wide.

    FY 2014 NCLB Title II Teacher Quality
    NCLB Title II Teacher Quality supports District and Individual School Improvement initiatives focusing on Instructional and Curriculum Improvement.

    FY 2014 PL94-142 Pre School Special Education
    Authorized by the Federal Government this Grant with the District’s Pre School For All Grant work together to support educational services for children three and four years of age at District 201U’s Early Learning Center

    FY 2014 PL94-142 IDEA Special Education
    Authorized by the Federal Government, monies are used for salaries for paraprofessionals in the special education department, to purchased supplies and materials beyond the district curriculum to support the special education services that children in the district receive, to acquire technology and assistive technology devices necessary for disabled students to access the curriculum, and to provide for professional development specifically to increase awareness of working with students with disabilities.

    FY 2014 Illinois Secretary of State Per Capita Library Grant
    Supports District Library Media Programs

    FY 2014 English Language Learning (ELL): Transitional Bilingual Eduacation/Transitional Program of Instruction (TBE/TPI)
    The State TBE and TPI Grant/Federal Title III LIPLEPS provides supplemental financial assistane to help local school districts meet the extra costs of developing and carrying out high quality programs for English Language Learners (ELL's) so that children can attain English proficiency and meet the same challenging academic achievement standards as all children.

    Title III LIP/LEP
    FY 2012 Safe School Regional Education Alternative Program: Crete Alternative Program (CAP)
    Authorized by the Federal Government, supports the 6 – 12 Regional Alternative Program located at the Monee Education Center. The alternative program provides an alternative educational setting for students who have demonstrated extreme difficulty in adjusting to the regular education high school program

    FY 2012 Career and Technical Education Carl Perkins Special Populations: Secondary
    Authorized by the Federal Government, supports, the educational needs of students characterized as Special Population Students: This grant award supports special populations program services including
    • Staff Development for Counselors, Vocational Education Teachers and Special Education Teachers
    • Career Education Software and Printed Materials for the CMHS Career Resource Center
    • Instructional Materials for vocational education programs including Project Lead The Way.
    • Equipment for Project Lead The Way
    • Post Secondary Field Trips for students i.e. Prairie State Community College, Moraine Valley Junior college, Illinois Technical Institute, DeVry Institute, and Chicago State University

    FY 2014 Elementary Career Development
    Authorized by the State Government, supports elementary and middle school Education to Career initiatives including:
    • Reality Fair at the Sixth Grade Center
    • Career Exploration activities at the K-5 buildings.

    FY 2014 Career & Technical Education Improvement
    Authorized by the State Government, this grant supports:
    • Students Achieving D grades, potentially failing or have failed academic classes, and require tutorial assistance and additional career counseling.                   
    • Special Education Students requiring additional tutorial assistance and career counseling in planning for post–secondary career and college.
    • Career and Technical Education instructional and curricular improvements
    • CMHS Career Resource Center activities

    Bilingual Education
    ELL - TBE/TPI and Title III
  1. Competitive Grants

    Competitive Grants
    Total Budget
    FY 2014 McKinney-Vento Homeless Children & Youth
    Authorized by the Federal Government, and awarded to the Illinois Area 1 McKinney Vento Homeless Education Program, 201U received a sub grant award of $12,000 to partially support 201U’s Homeless Program for Children and Youth.

    FY12 - FY14 Safe Routes to School: Village of University Park: Coretta Scott King Magnet School and Crete-Monee Middle School.
    Authorized by the U.S. Department of Transportation to substantially improve the ability of primary and middle school students to walk and bicycle to school, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) awarded a grant to the Village of University Park, Coretta Scott King Magnet School and the Crete-Monee Middle School; The Village of University Park is the fiscal agent for this project. Grand funds support:
    • Replacement/construction of a new Pedestrian Bridge
    • Construction/replacement/ of sidewalks.
    • Installation of new and improved signage (School zone speed limits, crosswalk, speed feedback signs)
    FY2014 ISBE Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program
    Awarded by the Illinois Board of Education to Talala Elementary School, this grant provides monies for Talala to offer fresh fruits and vegetables at no charge to all enrolled students during the school day at times other than during meal periods at least twice weekly. The purpose of this program is to increase fresh fruit and vegetable consumption of young children by providing an opportunity for children to taste fruits and vegetables that they have not sampled previously and to educate students of the healthy benefits of including fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet.

    FY 2012 High Schools That Work (HSTW)
    Authorized by the Federal Government, HSTW, is a National effort-based school improvement initiative that includes research-based practices for schools to improve academic and career/technical instruction and student achievement.. In July, 2006 CMHS received a grant award to participate in the National HSTW initiative and work closely with the Illinois State Board of Education, other Illinois HSTW High Schools and the National HSTW Program. The FY 2012 is the sixth year of this grant award, and is currently supported with an allocation of $10,000. CMHS’s HSTW school improvement initiative has received a total of $90,000 over the past five years, and is currently supported with a sixth
    year allocation of $10,00

    FY 2012 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC)
    21st CCLC is a Federally funded program. In July 2009, Crete – Monee High School received a 21st CCLC Grant Award which extends over a five year period with an initial funding level of $150,000 for each of the first three years and a 10% reduction for each of the remaining two years with the District committed to maintaining the initial funding level each of the remaining years. This program includes community partnerships with WUPC TV (University Park Cable Channel) and Dynamic Boxing Program. This program is currently in its fifth and final year and supports:
    • Students who have failed English and Math classes allowing these students the opportunity to remain on schedule for graduation.
    • After School Tutorial/Homework Lab, plus
    • A host of interest level activities including science exploration activities, knitting club, and career exploration activities plus partnership sponsored activities with WUPC and Dynamic Boxing.

    FY 2014 Pre-School For All
    Authorized by the State government, this grant with the District’s Pre School Special Education Grant work together to support educational experiences for children three and four years of age at the District’s Early Learning Center.
    FY 2009 – FY 2012 Safe Routes To School: Monee Elementary
    Authorized by the U.S. Department of Transportation to substantially improve the ability of primary and middle school students to walk and bicycle to school, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) awarded a grant to the Village of Monee and Monee Elementary to construct sidewalks along the east side of Will-Center Road from Monee Elementary School south to Colonial Drive with cross walk signage at Lilac Avenue and Colonial Drive. Once completed, children residing in the Country Meadows sub-division, will have a safe route to walk and bicycle to school. The Village of Monee is the fiscal agent for this grant. The sidewalk installation was complete in September 2013.


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