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The Bid Process
The solicitation of vendors includes the following methods:

  1. Three Types of Bids

    The School District has three types of bids, each of which have different terms and conditions:

    1. Services bids which request a quotation for the provision of a specific service;
    2. Supplies and equipment bids which request a quotation for the provision of a particular commodity;
    3. Surplus property bids which offer for sale “as is” surplus school district equipment or supplies to the highest bidder.

    The School District has two classes of competitive bids for procurements involving services, supplies and equipment:

    1. Invited bids are for amounts $10,000-$24,999 and are mailed to those vendors who have responded to previous solicitations, are on the district’s vendor list, or have been recommended as a vendor who possibly could fulfill the district’s need in terms of a specific product or service.
    2. Advertised bids are for amounts of $25,000 and over and are advertised in the SouthtownSTAR newspaper. These bids are also sent to those who have responded to previous solicitations and are always posted on our website at
  1. Submitting / Placing a Bid

    A list of vendors is maintained on the automated bidder list. Vendors desiring placement on the bidder list must submit their request on their letterhead, specifying those commodities/services they provide to the Purchasing Office.

    Vendors who desire to be on the bidder list for construction must complete an application obtained from the Maintenance Department and returned to the Central Office.

    You may look for district solicitations for products or services at the District Bids/Solicitation link. If you respond to one of the district bids or solicitations, the Bids must be submitted on the form provided and must be signed and sealed in a return envelope with the bid number clearly written on the envelope. If using an overnight carrier the bid number, name and bid opening date must be prominently displayed on the outside of the envelope. Bid submittals may also be delivered by hand to the Office of Procurement Services, Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Office is located at the address below:

    • CM201U
      1500 Sangamon Street
      Crete, IL 60417
      ATTN: Accounts Payable

    Caution: Vendors are cautioned to inform themselves fully on the instructions and conditions hereinafter set forth!


    1. All quotations must be made on the enclosed form and are subject to rejection of not made on this form. Telephone and facsimile quotations in lieu of this form will not be accepted.
    2. All quotations must be received by the Purchasing Agent no later than the time and date set forth. The Board of Education cannot be responsible for lateness of receipt due to mail delays or unavoidable circumstances. Bids and CM201U proposals shall be submitted in a sealed envelope prior to time stated on the Bid Notice to the Purchasing Office. (Date and time opening should also be noted on the outside of the envelope.) Envelope should be marked with the name of the bid or proposal.
    3. All bids and proposals must be signed with company name and by responsible officer or employee. Obligations assumed by such signature must be fulfilled. If bids are not made, reasons should be stated on a company letterhead or vendor acceptance form and returned in the bid envelope; otherwise, non-bidders will be removed from the bid list.
    4. When an article of a particular make or trade name is specified, this is done so to establish a quality standard and is not intended to eliminate competing articles of equal standard. Vendors are at liberty to quote on substitutions giving complete details along with catalogs showing full specification of each item. If no substitutions are indicated, it will be assumed that quotations are based on our specifications.
    5. Failure to observe the above instructions and conditions will constitute grounds for rejection of a bid or removal from the list of bidders.
  1. Bid Evaluation

    Under the terms of the State School Code, bids are awarded to the "lowest responsible bidder, meeting specification." Bids are simply awarded to the firm that submits the lowest price. In determining "responsibility", the school district will normally consider such factors as the bidder’s prior performance experience, resources, technical and financial ability to perform. Bids submitted must also be "responsive" to all the requirements of the bid, which include:

    • Submitting a complete bid (including all pages and correct signatures on the school district bid form);
    • Responding precisely to the specifications;
    • Financial stability of the company;
    • Meeting all the requirements of the specifications;
    • Properly signing the bid and submitting company information on page 1;
    • Responding to the requirements of the school district’s Anti-Discriminatory Policy

    Evaluation of bids takes into account the following considerations:

    • Price
    • Quality
    • Suitability for the intended use
    • Probability of continuous availability
    • Vendor’s service
    • Date of proposed delivery and placement
    • Life cost/value analysis

    CM201U does not purchase on the basis of low bids alone. The District reserves the right to conduct any tests, evaluations, or comparisons it deems necessary to complete the evaluation process.

    Other Considerations:

    1. Time of delivery is a part of the consideration and must be stated in definite terms and must be adhered to completely.
    2. In case of pricing errors, the smallest unit price requested will be considered to be the price bid.
    3. Vendors may be required to furnish evidence in writing that they maintain permanent places of business and have adequate equipment, finances, and personnel to furnish the items offered satisfactorily and expeditiously and that they are authorized dealers and can provide necessary warranties for items they propose to furnish.
    4. Samples and layout drawings of fabricated items, when required, must be furnished free of expense to the Board of Education within ten days of date of request. Samples must be tagged with bidder’s name. If samples are not used or destroyed in testing, they must be claimed by bidder within thirty days from date of notification or they will become the property of CM201U.

    Deficiency on any of these points may lead to disqualification of the bid.

  1. Bidder Disqualification

    Vendors may be disqualified from doing business with the school district and have their names removed from the mailing list for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to:

    1. Failure to deliver or comply with the specifications and/or the contract terms and conditions
    2. Failure to deliver or perform on a timely basis
    3. Offering any gift, gratuity, favor or advantage present or future, to any school district employee exercising procurement responsibility. This includes extending any discount or privilege not available to all school district employees.
    4. Failure to disclose a conflict of interest in a bid or contract
    5. Conviction of any criminal offense involving public contracting
  1. Bid Cancellation

    The School District has the right to reject any and all bids submitted and either rebid the items desired on cancel the bid entirely. Most common reasons for rebidding are:

    • To obtain better pricing
    • Poor response from vendors, or
    • The initial bid reveals a need to revise specification

    A bid may also be cancelled in its entirety, usually because the goods and services are no longer required by the school district. In most rebids or cancellations, the school district does not send out a separate notification indicating the action being taken or the reason for it. This information is, however, on file.

  1. Award

    1. The Board of Education reserves the right to award the quotation by individual items or combination of items, whichever is to the best interest of the Board.
    2. The Board of Education reserves the right to place orders at quoted prices in excess of the original requirements with the consent of the contractor. Quantities are approximate and may be increased by fifty percent (50%) or decreased by ten percent (10%) on the original order without the consent of the contractor.
    3. The Board of Education reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids or parts thereof and to waive technicalities.
    4. Tabulation of bids will be made available to bidders on written request. This information will not be given over the telephone. Proposals are not generally made public.
  1. Contract

    1. It is understood and expressly agreed that, upon proper acceptance of any or all items by the Purchasing Department and/or Board of Education, a contract shall hereby be created.
    2. Payment will be mailed after the expenditure is reviewed and approved by the Board of Education at its regularly scheduled school board meeting (typically on the third Monday of each month. Invoice must be submitted to the Business Department by the end of the first week of the month in order to be included in that month's board agenda.)
    3. Contracts are considered to be in force during the period stipulated by the bid or until replaced by a subsequent bid for the same products or services.
    4. All contracts and agreements created by this bid/proposal will adhere to school code regarding school district contracts.
    5. CM201U is exempt from state sales tax and federal excise tax and these taxes must be deducted from quotations by the vendor.
  1. Warranty and Guarantees

    1. The contractor shall guarantee all equipment and materials to meet the specifications of this bid. Any deviations from specifications must be so noted on the bid form. The District reserves the right to refuse any merchandise that fails to meet the specifications indicated by the contractor.
    2. The contractor shall provide warranty information and/or company guarantees concerning the products bid. All merchandise that is received and found to be defective shall be replaced by the contractor or fully repaired to the satisfaction of the District before payment is made.
    3. All prices are to be firm and are to be F.O. B destination and are to include all charges noted on the specifications. All shipments to CM201U should be palletized and not to exceed 2500 lbs. per pallet. Items that are not palletized will be dock delivered.
    4. Any parts or accessories not specifically mentioned which are normally part of the equipment necessary to complete the installation shall be included in the price.
    5. Delivery must be accompanied by a packing list distributing the items included. Boxes will be plainly labeled as to the destination.
  1. Invoicing

    Mail THE ORIGINAL invoice to:

    • CM201U
      1500 Sangamon Street
      Crete, IL 60417
      ATTN: Accounts Payable

    A copy of the detailed invoice should be mailed to the ship-to address, or originating unit.

    All invoices must contain the purchase order number, invoice number, vendor number, unit of measure, price and date. Invoices lacking this information will be returned.

    If you do not have a purchase order number, please contact the school or department that requested your merchandise or services.

    To avoid payment delays, please send your invoices as they are incurred.

    Payment will be mailed after the expenditure is reviewed and approved by the Board of Education at its regularly scheduled school board meeting (typically on the third Monday of each month. Invoice must be submitted to the Business Department by the end of the first week of the month in order to be included in that month's board agenda.)

  1. Payment Process

    It is the responsibility of the vendor to invoice the district for goods delivered and services rendered. All invoices must contain the specific information indicated on the purchase order. The unit of issue cited on the invoice must agree with that cited on the purchase order; failure to do so could significantly delay payment. The most common mistakes on invoices are to omit the purchase order number. Unless otherwise directed, all invoices should be sent to:

    • CM201U
      1500 Sangamon Street
      Crete, IL 60417
      ATTN: Accounts Payable

    Payment will be mailed after the expenditure is reviewed and approved by the Board of Education at its regularly scheduled school board meeting (typically on the third Monday of each month. Invoice must be submitted to the Business Department by the end of the first week of the month in order to be included in that month's board agenda.)

    The school district uses a three way matching payment process to ensure accurate payments and protect the taxpayer. All invoices are rendered to a central accounts payable section. Based on the services or goods received, the department/school receiving the items prepares and forwards via computer a payment authorization to the same central accounts payable section. The accounts payable section then matches the information on the invoice, the information on the purchase order, and the information on the payment authorization section. If the information matches on all three documents, payment is made. If these documents do not match, process is initiated to determine the correct information and obtain the authorization for payment.

    If you have a problem with payment you should first inquire of the department/school to which the goods were delivered or the services rendered to verify that they have processed the authorization for payment. All other inquiries should be directed to the Accounts Payable Division at 708-367-8325.

    It is the general practice of the school district to make awards on an item-by-item basis. This is usually done when items are not part of an integrated set or system and the school district can obtain better prices without sacrificing delivery or service. The school district may decide after the bid opening that it is not going to award an item. When vendors state that they are bidding on an "all or nothing" basis, they run the risk of not being awarded anything.

  1. Contract Cancellation

    Contracts resulting from a bid may be cancelled under the following conditions:

    1. By mutual agreement of both parties. Termination under this provision requires 30 days written notice.
    2. By the member of the District for breach by the vendor or vendor’s obligations as set forth in the bid. The members of the District shall give the vendor written notice of intent to terminate under this provision. A vendor shall have five (5) calendar days from the receipt of such notice to respond. Failure to respond may result in cancellation.
    3. By the vendor, for failure of payment by a member of the District, but only with respect to the member in breach.

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