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Amazon Fulfillment

Staff from the Fulfillment Center at the new Amazon in Monee delivered 70 backpacks to aid the district's McKinney Vento Families

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Request for Proposals for Professional Services Search Firm for 
Superintendent of Schools

Crete-Monee School District 201-U is seeking the assistance of a professional services firm specializing in education executive searches for a Superintendent. We are looking for a firm that will work in an advisory role to the Board of Education (BOE) to provide the following services:

Advise the BOE on an approach that meets our needs and our timing requirements.
Advise the BOE on a compensation package that facilitates successful recruitment of the
type of Superintendent that we need and desire.
Develops activities and time requirements that are considerate of the goals and
objectives that the District has planned for this 2017-18 school year.
Development of search criteria that incorporate our district’s goals and leadership
characteristics that the BOE and community consider requisite for success.
Development of a candidate identification process that identifies a diverse pool of highly
qualified and competent candidates in districts with a similar achievement and
community context, reflecting a familiarity with our students’ needs.
Identifies a pool of diverse candidates that are highly likely to be effective educational
leaders in our community and have a demonstrated significant achievement in areas that
we believe are priorities for our district in the next 3 – 5 years.
Construct a selection process approach with community involvement.
Provide a collaborative model, with milestones that include feedback and can be flexible,
should that be warranted.
Assemble an approach that may include the identification of an interim Superintendent
and will include the identification of a permanent Superintendent; understanding that
community engagement is a requirement for the selection of a permanent

Proposals are to include the following information to highlight your experience and your
likelihood of meeting our needs:

Describe your experience in recruiting and successfully placing Superintendents in K-12
school districts.
State your experience in identifying and successfully placing a diverse and qualified pool
of Superintendent candidates, including an average number of states of origin for candidates.
Provide 2 – 3 references from searches you have conducted and successfully completed
in the past 12 – 24 months, with an emphasis on districts similar to ours.
Provide the percentage of searches you have conducted that have resulted in successful
•       Provide the average length of time from initiation of search activities to successful search
        completion (selection of a candidate and acceptance of the position, as facilitated by your firm).
Provide a profile of the experience for the person that you are proposing to lead this effort and any
other staff that will be involved.
Describe a typical search process in detail.
Describe the conditions under which a search time frame can be modified or the search process be
Should the final pool of candidates become unviable for some reason, please describe the process
you would use to complete the search process, which is defined as the selection, and acceptance
  of, a Superintendent. You can use an example of a past experience.
Financial Estimates: Provide an estimated cost for a Superintendent search, as you anticipate this
effort may require. The selection of an interim Superintendent may be part of this process; please
include as a separate cost estimate. Provide the past three costs –by major category and total costs for the Superintendent searches that you have conducted.
Describe how you intend to work with the Board of Education during each phase of this process,
including the support that you would provide during interviews, site visits, open forums, etc.
Attendance at selected Board meetings is a requirement for this search. We will notify you in
advance of actual dates. This schedule will be mutually coordinated, based on selected milestone
Board meetings.
Supplemental documentation to describe any other resources to be provided by your firm, not
listed above.

Firms are to provide 12 copies of their proposal.

In addition, firms are to provide an electronic version of their proposal in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format on a flash drive.

Submitted proposals are to be in a sealed envelope/box clearly marked “Superintendent Search Firm
Proposal” with the name and address of the firm visible on the envelope/box.

Proposals must be addressed to:
Crete-Monee School District 201U
Attn.: Terri Tobin, Executive Assistant
1500 Sangamon Street
Crete, IL 60417

Deadline for submission of proposals will be Monday, November 20, 2017, at 10:00 am CST.

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Good News!

Last fall, Superintendent Cunningham began a new public relations initiative titled, GoodNews!Report. Each month, a principal from one of our schools will share the good things happening in our schools with our board & community at the start of each regularly scheduled board meeting. This “good news” could be about a student, staff or volunteer. It could even be about some academic, athletic or extra-curricular achievement. We hope that this good news will travel fast and you will help us spread the word!

Read our Good News below:

2016-17 GOOD NEWS!

GOOD NEWS! Archives

2015-16 GOOD NEWS!
2014-15 GOOD NEWS!

Contact Us!
Beginning Jan 1, 2015, Illinois School Code requires that school districts have an available single point of contact for their school boards. If you would like to email members of the CM201-U Board of Education, you may now contact them at: .

PLEASE NOTE: Board members may still be reached via their individual email addresses.

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