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Cell phone policy flyer

*Policy enforcement begins 2018-19 school year

Balmoral Elementary 

1124 New Monee Road
Crete, IL 60417



Link: Balmoral Elementary Homepage

Balmoral Administration 

Name Title Email Phone
Perkins, Ghantel Principal 367-2500
Van Kuiken, Janice Assistant Principal 367 2500

Balmoral Faculty 

Name Title Email Phone
Begesha, Deirdra Kindergarten Teacher 367 2539
Bynum, Jamila Kindergarten Teacher 367-2537
Pilarski, Melinda Kindergarten Co-Teacher/LD Resource 367-2521
Taylor, Rena Kindergarten Teacher 367-2536
Anderson, Courtney 1st grade Teacher 367-2507
Cannon, Kimberly 1st Grade Teacher 367-2506
Olson, Jody 1st Grade Teacher 367-2508
Horn, Cardelia 1st Grade Co-Teacher/LD Resource 367-2521
Goedke, Allison 2nd Grade Teacher 367-2515
O'Connor, Kelly 2nd Grade Teacher 367-2510
Maher, Amy 2nd Grade Teacher 367-2512
Corydon, Christine 2nd Grade Co-Teacher/LD Resource 367-2521
Chism, Nicole 3rd Grade Teacher 367-2517
French, Lee Ann 3rd Grade Teacher 367-2514
Olson, Jacque 3rd Grade Co-Teacher/LD Resource 367-2540
Crayton, Danielle 3rd Grade Teacher 367-2519
Hathaway, Janine 4th Grade Teacher 367-2527
Flanagan, Andrea 4th Grade Teacher 367-2526
Quinlan, Christine 4th Grade Teacher 367-2524
Matthews, Octavia 4th Grade Co-Teacher/LD Resource 367-2540
Brown, Danielle 5th Grade Teacher 367-2530
Olinski, Jessica 5th Grade Teacher 367-2522
Robinson, Michelle 5th Grade Teacher 367-2532
Walz, Frank 5th Grade Teacher 367-2529
Cobb, Courtney 5th grade Co-Teacher/LD Resource 367-2540
Shubert, Jeannine Special Education Teacher Grades 1-2 367-2513
Lawson, Christine Special Education Teacher Grades 3-5 367-2523
Pankey, Elaine Multi-Needs Teacher 367-2534
Calderone, Michelle Multi-Needs Teacher 367-2533
Machamer, Sarah Literacy Coach 367-2511
Jung, Laura Reading Specialist 367-2544
Mahoney, Kelly Reading Specialist 367-2542
Smith, Hilary Speech Pathologist 367-2551
Devereux, Kelly Speech Pathologist 367-2551
Martz, Kim Occupational Therapist 367-2541
Sanders, Debbie Occupational Therapist 367-2541
Thompson, Carmen Social Worker 367-2516
Soto, Rita ELL Teacher 367-2531
Rappold, Kristen School Psychologist 367-2549
Costello, Nicole Physical Education 367-2550
Schmidt, Megan Math Intervention Teacher 367-2543
Offord, Camille Art Teacher 367-2535
Moody, Patrick Music Teacher 367-2535

Balmoral Staff 

Name Title Email Phone
Camp, Victoria Secretary to the Principal 367-2500
Star, Tracy Secretary 367-2500
DeSpain, Janet Secretary 367-2500
McGraw, Margaret Teacher Assistant- Kindergarten 367-2500
Rutnicki, Deborah Teacher Assistant-1st Grade 367-2500
Lang-Milton, Patrina Teacher Assistant-1st Grade 367-2500
Striggow, Kimberly Teacher Assistant-Special Education 367-2500
Kemp-Jordan, TaWana Teacher Assistant-2nd Grade 367-2500
Knaack, Mandy Teacher Assistant-3rd Grade 367-2500
Ellzey, Lorraine Teacher Assistant-4th Grade 367-2514
Nash, Yvonne Teacher Assistant-5th Grade 367-2540
Hallberg, Kelli Teacher Assistant-Multi-Needs 367-2500
Pratt, Jennifer Teacher Assistant-Multi-Needs 367-2500
Abrego, Alicia Teacher Assistant-Multi-Needs 367-2500
Word, Eve Teacher Assistant-Multi-Needs 367-2500
Ramirez, Faith Teacher Assistant-4th Grade 367-2500
Johnson, Bridgett Teacher Assistant-Special Education 367-2500
Woods, Yolanda Teacher Assistant-Special Education 367-2500
Thomas, Stanley Head Custodian 367-2503
Buffington, Donald Night Custodian 367-2503
Quick, Sierra Night Custodian 367-2503
Coleman, Jennifer Food Service 367-2545
Rosenfeldt, Erica Food Service 367-2500
Haton, Jennifer Food Service 367-2500
Moore, Shirley Librarian 367-2525
Kate, Lynch-Hale Nurse 367-2547

Balmoral PTO 

Link: Balmoral PTO Homepage

Officers and volunteers of the Balmoral Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
Name Title Email Phone
Tarka, Allison Vice President 367-2500
Miller, Michelle Co-Treasurer 367-2500
Hester, Debbie Co-Treasurer 367-2500
Turton, Amy Secretary 367-2500

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